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Customized Bioinformatics analysis for next generation sequencing
Yotta Biomed, LLC. Services

Software development
We provide customized bioinformatics analysis for DNA-seq, RNA-seq, and CHIP-seq. You will work with a Ph.D. level bioinformatician directly.  If you have not done your sequencing yet, we will provide customized consultation, for example, which sequencing technology works best for your project, which sequencing center fits best for your project, etc.
At Yotta Biomed, LLC., we provide high quality customized bioinformatics solutions to our customers for their unique needs. 

We provide a variety of services including:
If you need training on the bioinformatics of next generation sequencing, we provide a tailored course for you.    

We develop custom software programs for genomics and health related software programs ranging from Excel macros to PERL scripts, apps, and scientific software programs with JAVA and C++.   

Cloud solutions and big data management for next generation sequencing

You may want to analyze your data by yourself.  However, software installation and big data management may be your bottleneck.  You no longer need to buy expensive servers and big hard drives.  We provide Cloud Solutions for next generation sequencing based on Amazon Cloud.  You pay only for the hours that you use the resources.

We assemble genomes, annotate genes and proteins, carry out Pathway analysis and Gene Ontology
NGSinForm (Patent pending): Laboratory Information Management System with automated data analysis for NGS
NGSinForm (Patent pending) software. Yotta Biomed has built a software package, NGSinForm, a web based automated system for a next generation sequencer to achieve automatic data generation, post-sequencing analysis and systematic data management. This web-based piece of software can be housed in a server or in a cloud. Once downloaded and completed, the system enables a user to schedule use of a sequencer, save information on a sample for sequencing, perform targeted automated data analysis, and management of that data. NGSinForm can also be a stand-alone program (without a connection to a NGS machine) for analysis of NGS data using the appropriate file format as input.